Early Literacy Storytime: Make a List

Here’s a slightly different way than last week’s post to model writing in storytime.

After you share a book or a song with a number of objects or animals or characters in it, you can go back and write them all down in a list!

Keep your young audience in mind when you choose a book or song to use for this activity; we shouldn’t bog down storytime by creating a super-lengthy list. So maybe writing down all the things Pete the Cat steps in would work better than writing down all the food that the Very Hungry Caterpillar eats! Or when you want to try this activity, you could start by only singing three or four verses of The Wheels on the Bus or Old MacDonald instead of six or seven.

So, read your book or sing your song with the kids, then say something like, “Wow, we sang about a lot of parts of that bus! We started by singing about the wheels. [Write down “wheels” on the board.] What else?” Help the children remember “wipers,” “windows,” “doors,” or whatever verses you chose.

Or if you read a book like, “Clip-Clop,” by Nicola Smee, you could list all the animals in the book: Horse, Duck, Pig, Cat, and Dog. Turn the pages of the book so that the children can remember all the animals.

When you’ve finished your list, you can tell the parents, “When you make lists of interesting objects with your child, it gives them a different way to think about and learn new words. This helps them become a good reader because they will encounter words in many different ways when they read. Writing with your children will help them get ready to read.”

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4 Responses to Early Literacy Storytime: Make a List

  1. Thank you for this post. I’m doing several preschool “circle time” sessions at my library in July, and this is exactly the sort of thing I want to include. Our story room has been painted with dry-erase paint, so we can make our lists right on the wall!

  2. Melissa says:

    Wow, do I *love* the idea of dry erase walls in storytime! One of our teen areas have them and I never thought of it for the little kids too! Last week’s tip is a write-it-down idea too, and make sure you check out the Beginning Reader Storytime posts at Hi Miss Julie…she’s the one got me started down this path. http://himissjulie.com/category/beginningreaderstorytime/

  3. Jim Gill’s List of Dances is good for this – I laminated the whole list and taped them together, then we point to them as we sing and dance our way down the list (and back again).

  4. Melissa says:

    I do believe that was a Flannel Friday contribution at one point! Thanks for the reminder!!!

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