Early Literacy Storytime: Shapes Storytime

You may already have a shapes storytime in your rotation! It’s easy to add a quick message to the adults explaining the link between learning shapes and learning letters.

Take a minute during a shapes book or a shapes flannelboard activity to talk about the differences between shapes with the children: the numbers of sides, the numbers of corners, the curves, all the things that help us tell one shape from another.

Then, tell the parents, “When you talk about shapes with your child, they start to learn what features make them the same and different. Being able to tell the difference between a triangle and a circle is the same skill they will use to tell the difference between an “A” and an “O”! Talking with your children will help them get ready to read.”

Here’s some flannelboards you can use to talk about shapes:

Building Blocks
Five Strawberries
Summer Shapes

And a Shapes Baby Storytime Plan.

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