Flannel Friday: 5 Hearts

Hello Friday! Hello Flannel Friday Valentine EXTRAVAGANZA!

Advance warning, I did not really knock myself out for this flannelboard, but I did have fun thinking of different patterns that would not be too overwhelming for my baby audience.

Five hearts, easy peasy!

These are construction paper, laminated, with a Velcro dot on the back.

You can do just about any “Five Little Valentines” rhyme with these, but you know me, I usually just put them up on the board and sing “Down Around the Corner,” which I sing to the tune of Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play.

Down around the corner at the general store
Were five Valentines and not one more
Along came someone with a nickel to pay
And they bought a Valentine and they took it away.

I made the hearts all different colors and patterns so I could talk about them, in between each verse, as we took them off the board. For example, “Which one did they buy? They bought the one with purple and white stripes! A stripe is a straight or curvy line. Here it is!”

These are on the large side (6-8″ across), but you could do several sets of smaller ones and hand them all out to the kids. You could make a box with a slit in the top, and invite all the children with skinny pink hearts to come up and “mail” them into the box. Then all the purple lace ones, the small red ones, etc. (This would also work with just plain felt hearts of different colors, with no extra decorations.)

You could hide the small red one behind one of the bigger ones and have the children describe the heart they want you to look behind to try to find it. This could be really fun with older kids and more complicated patterns or colors! The rules would be that they couldn’t point, but had to give you all the details you need to choose the right one. So you could have several small purple ones, one with white lace on the outside and one with a pink fringe instead, and if they just said “purple” you could be super confused about it until they gave you more verbal clues.

What else could you do with five hearts?

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3 Responses to Flannel Friday: 5 Hearts

  1. K says:

    Love your ideas!

    Just have a quick question – how do I “grab” the Flannel Friday button?

    Sorry! I am new to all of this but I am having fun learning and sharing!

  2. Melissa says:

    No apologies necessary! To grab the button, copy the html in the white box below the Flannel Friday image. You’ll need to scroll to get it all. Log in to your Blogger, and go to Layout, then click on “Add a Gadget” in the area you want the button to appear. You’ll get a list of gadget types, and look for the html/java one. Select it, then paste the html you copied into the box and give it a title…what you write here will appear on top of the image on your blog. Then click Save and you should be able to see it on your blog! Don’t forget to click on “Save Arrangement” before you leave the Layout area. Let me know if this doesn’t work!

  3. Lissa Rogers says:

    Thanks so much for Flannel Friday. I am a preschool teacher and I came across your blog one day searching for a visual and I’ve been hooked ever since. Flannel Friday has added so much fun to our circle times and made it more fun for me as well after teaching almost 2o years! It’s always great to get a new idea, especially a new book or author to share. Thank you again for all you do!

    Lissa Rogers
    Lake Elsinore, CA

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