Flannel Friday: My Aunt Came Back

So Anne over at So Tomorrow had the idea to try to gather some flannelboard ideas we could use with the Collaborative Summer Reading Program theme “One World Many Stories”!

We just had a refresher training session/idea swap at my library for those of us who go out to schools for our Summer Reading Program promotional visits. It’s always fun to brainstorm, and “My Aunt Came Back” is one of the songs that came to mind.

“My Aunt Came Back” is a call-and-response camp song, and with each verse the singers add a specific hand or body motion (kind of like “Button Factory” or “Tooty Ta”) until by the end everyone is wiggly and giggly. Here’s a good basic version from YouTube.

“My Aunt Came Back” is also an awesome board book by Pat Cummings!

Instead of focusing on the silly, Pat Cummings adapted the song to focus on places around the world; the aunt in her book brings back wonderful souvenirs for her niece (a quilted vest from Bucharest, a painted fan from Old Japan). This version was my inspiration for a new clip art flannel set!

(Ed. 11/11: I am no longer sharing my clip art files due to copyright concerns, so I’ve taken down the link to the photos. However, if you search in Microsoft Word clip art you may find the original files I started with.)

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4 Responses to Flannel Friday: My Aunt Came Back

  1. Katie says:

    I had completely forgotten about this song! I will probably be doing this one as a prop story for this summer’s travel/vacation, thanks!

  2. Melissa says:

    I know! It’s such a good one, and I love the simple tune, too. You’re welcome!

  3. Mrs Z says:

    I used this for the One World Many Stories school visits, and added:
    My Aunt came back from Scotland Yard, and brought me back a Library card. I then brought out an oversized card prop and told the kids this was their ticket to an exciting summer at the library.

  4. Melissa says:

    OMG, this is a BRILLIANT addition! Thanks so much for sharing, I will totally use it next time I sing this song!

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