Flannel Friday Round Up: Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy June! I hope everyone’s summer is starting SMOOTHLY and GENTLY!!!


Here are our fab entries for this week’s roundup:

Kathryn has Rainbow Bubbles at Fun with Friends at Storytime. LOVE her idea to use tissue paper, which makes the bubbles transparent–what a great touch! She has a rhyme too!

Kelly at Ms Kelly in the Library is Going on a Picnic with some fun food and a short rhyme your group can learn by heart and then respond to! (Yay participation!) This is totally something you can adapt to your own kiddos and community, love it.

Shawn at Read, Rhyme and Sing has a super creative and practical idea for a library-friendly sensory table…with felt of course! Check out this garden! Especially notice the worms being STEM support. šŸ™‚

Jessica has two monster posts at Storytime in the Stacks! I’m a Little Monster is inspired by another Flannel Friday post (I love it when this happens!) and If You See a Little Monster is adapted from a book I am going to have to put on hold–go see what it is!

Kate at Felt Board Magic ALSO has two posts! The first is Three Little Pigs with doors that OPEN on their houses! Her other entry is Ten Green Bottles (which I learned as a 70s child as Ten Bottles of Beer, oh well) BUT her super smart move is to add numbers so you can sequence, and count forwards and backwards, as well as sing the song! ALSO go look at quilting fabric she used for the wall, which makes me want to go to the fabric store tomorrow morning and look for other ideas!

but HOLD THE PHONE–Wendy has two posts AS WELL. WHAT was in the water this week??? This is awesome! Wendy is at Flannel Board Fun and did her version of the classic Fall Is Not Easy, and you must go look at the special leaves she added for her local kiddos! She also sent in Munch Munch Munch, a simple farm counting rhyme with beautifully collaged felt pieces; I love her technique!

Keith returns with an ADORABLE banana! With moveable peels! And a silly rhyme! PLUS bonus dance tips, seriously, you can’t lose. Check it out at Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime!

Lisa at Thrive after Three has a super video of how she turns the out of print book The Moon Might Be Milk into a puppet story. This one is new to me and I will definitely try to get my hands on it! Looks like a great story that can go in lots of different directions depending on your theme or your group.

April at Storytime Ukulele brings us a couple of riffs on Ain’t Gonna Rain No More WITH chords and WITH flannel pieces…I bet this is a really fun felt to put together while the kids are watching and singing along. The fully painted figure at the end is a really joyful payoff!

OK! Everyone on your feet for Jennifer and her NEW BLOG Bookwings and her VERY FIRST FLANNEL FRIDAY POST! Featuring her first-ever flannelboard! It’s for The Green Grass Grew All Around and I’m going to be mad for a week that I didn’t think of her brilliant solution for the hole in the ground. Maybe two weeks. Welcome Jennifer!!!

I’m going to hit publish on this so it’s live two minutes before East Coast midnight–then I’ll come back and add my post when I get it finished later tonight. OK! I finished my post before Mountain Time midnight! In the Garden based on a book by Phillis Gershator and Jill McDonald. Cheers!

Thanks everyone, I smiled the whole time I put this together. Love you all.

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