Flannel Friday: Rainbow Ducklings

OK, to be honest I have no idea how often I will use these ducklings. But I planned a rainbow storytime for my babies for St. Patrick’s Day, and after reading Duckie’s Rainbow I wanted to sing Five Little Ducks, and of course I couldn’t resist a little ROY G BIV.

Roy G Biv Ducklings

I used this coloring sheet as my pattern, and because I really liked their little smiles I outlined all the pieces in black Sharpie and drew the smiles in. If you don’t want to use marker, you can use Piper Loves the Library’s shadow-back technique instead. (I chose not to deal with the feet. If anyone asks, I will say these are swimming ducklings!)

I used five of the ducklings to sing Five Little Ducks Went Out to Play, but you could do any Five Little Ducks rhyme, or sing Six Little Ducks, or play a game with your older kids and put all six ducklings on the board, and have the kids close their eyes. Then you take one duckling away and see if they can figure out which color is missing.

I do have a pattern for a more realistic set of six ducks from a previous Flannel Friday!

Anna has the round up today at Future Librarian Superhero! You can always find Flannel Friday info at the website.

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5 Responses to Flannel Friday: Rainbow Ducklings

  1. Jane Breen says:

    Mel, they are adorable!

  2. Laura says:

    Very cute ducks! I love them! I have a rainbow kittens flannel that I do sometimes. Works well for a cats theme, or colors, or even babies.

  3. Mary says:

    I love these cute duckies! I’m wondering how you did such neat & tidy outlining. Did you trace around a stiff pattern, or did you cut the ducks out & then manage to draw on the very edge? I’ve been having trouble getting as nice of a line as I’d like. Thanks!

  4. Melissa says:

    Hi Mary–I did the second thing–cut out the ducks first, then I used the tip of a Sharpie and kind of dotted right on the edge of the felt. I’ve found that if I “draw” on the felt it will pull and pile, but if I just dot the marker up and down vertically it works pretty well. And I can keep the marks right where I want them too. Good luck!

  5. Mary says:

    Thanks so much Melissa! This is the best marking method I’ve found so far. I really appreciate it. (It is a bit time intensive, but I’ll save my outlining for a time I’m watching a little TV.)

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