Baby Faces


Babies love to look at baby faces, so I made these pieces to use with some counting rhymes. I don’t have a template for you, but they are pretty easy to make, I promise!

Draw about a 5″ circle on construction paper with a compass or trace a roll of masking tape or something. Now visualize Charlie Brown and draw two semicircles sticking out at 3 oclock and 9 oclock for the ears. The eyes go on even with the top of the ears. I used a hole punch for the open eyes! Add eyebrows, mouths, and hair and you are ready to go. I laminated them and put a velcro dot on the back. You can see a slightly larger image here.

Here’s a few things you can do with these babies!

Five Little Babies
by Melissa Depper

Five little babies sitting in their cribs
The first one said, “I need another bib!”
The second one said, “I wish I had my ball.”
The third one said, “I wish that I could crawl!”
The fourth one said, “Oh, when can we play?”
The fifth one said, “It’s been a busy day.”
Then Shhhhh went the mommies and out went the lights,
And five little babies said goodnight.

Ten Little Babies
Sing to: Ten Little Indians

One little two little three little babies
Four little five little six little babies
Seven little eight little nine little babies
Ten baby girls and boys!

Five Little Babies
Adapted from

Five little babies were playing one day
One saw a ball, and he crawled away
Four little babies were playing one day
One saw a rattle, and she crawled away
Three little babies were playing one day
One saw a blanket, and he crawled away
Two little babies were playing one day
One saw a teddy, and she crawled away
One little baby was playing one day
He saw his friends, and he crawled away.

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