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I’ve been lucky enough to have a weekly baby storytime for five years now! (Click on the “My Baby Storytime” category to the right for all my plans.) Here’s some of the posts I’ve written about how I do my baby storytime, as well as a link to a baby storytime resource page I put together for the Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy website.

Baby Storytime Room

My Baby Storytime
My basic game plan for every storytime I do!

Favorite Songs and Rhymes for Baby Storytime
The twenty songs, rhymes, and bounces I use over and over again.

Why I Use Themes for Baby Storytime
Some librarians recommend not using themes for baby storytime, but despite that advice, I do…here’s why.

Extended Play Storytime Post: Transitions

Wondering what someone else says in baby storytime to the grownups? Here’s a transcript of almost every single word from one of my storytimes.

Baby Storytime Books
This is a link to my Baby Storytime Shelf on Goodreads! What am I missing?

Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy: Baby Storytimes
A starter set of resources for baby storytime providers! These pages include a list of recommended planning books, links to web resources, pointers to great books for babies, and baby storytime curricula available for purchase.

What are your favorite baby storytime resources?

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4 Responses to Baby Storytime Resources

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you so much for posting this all in one place. I’ve been a children’s librarian for less than a year, and I’m still trying to find my rhythm with baby storytime. I really appreciate folks like you who share ideas. It really helps me to develop my own style!

  2. Melissa says:

    So happy this is a help! I love having everything in one place, too. Let me know if you have a question or are looking for a resource and can’t find it–we’ll crowdsource and see what we can do!

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