Baby Storytime: Tickle Tickle

Thanks to my colleague Pam who shared her Tickle Storytime file with me. Storytime today was a mashup of her file and mine. You can check out the song sheet for all the words.

Hello Song*
Open Them Shut Them
We’ve All Got Bellybuttons by David Martin
A-Hunting We Will Go**
Wheels on the Bus (tickle version!)
I Bounce You Here
10 Little Fingers illus. by Annie Kubler (board book from Child’s Play)
Literacy tip: Books with really familiar rhymes and songs, like this series, are great for babies. Discovering that their favorite things are also found in books helps build Print Motivation, an early literacy skill which is all about loving books.
See the Little Mousie (w/ mouse puppet)
Hand out feathers; tickle heads, noses, tummies, knees, etc.
Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes
This is Big Big Big***
Sneeze Game*

*from Teach a Toddler: Playful Songs for Learning, Priscilla Hegner & Rose Grasselli, Kimbo Educational

**I sing this every week, using four different clip art animal-and-rhyme pairs. This week I started off with ants/pants!

***I wrote this easy action rhyme & we do it every week. It’s a big hit. Feel free to use it!

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