Baby Storytime: Pets

Storytime today was about pets! You can check out the song sheet for all the words.

Hello Song* (song)
Open Them Shut Them (fingerplay)
Guess My Pet (This is a big book c2000 from Weldon Owen Inc, ISBN 7699-1208-7. Nice photos, simple text: “Cora gets a leash and a collar. Then she looks for a bone and a toy. Her pet has its own little house with a roof. What kind of pet does Cora have?” With a GIANT lift the flap to a photo of a dog!)
A-Hunting We Will Go (we did dog/log, cat/hat, parrot/carrot, hare/chair)
What Will Fat Cat Sit On? by Jan Thomas
Literacy tip: Our literacy skill this month is Print Motivation, which just means loving books. Books that are fun and interactive, like this one, are great ways to get babies involved with and motivated by stories!
I Have Fur (fingerplay)
Ride Away, Ride Away (bounce)
Doggies by Sandra Boynton (homemade big book)
Little Dog, Are You In the Green House? (guessing game)
5 Little Puppies (flannel rhyme)
This is Big Big Big (action rhyme)
Hand out jingle bells!
Shake jingle bells while singing or playing Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
Sneeze Game* (song)

*from Teach a Toddler: Playful Songs for Learning, Priscilla Hegner & Rose Grasselli, Kimbo Educational

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