Curiosity Challenge

It’s getting to be the end of the year, and I have to wrap up my monthly reports at work and write about the projects I’ve completed and the things I’ve learned, and of course what I’d rather do is think about all the things I want to do and learn NEXT. You know, when I have TIME.

It’s a crazy long list! Awake in the middle of the night earlier this week, I started to wonder just how long it really was. Are there 23 things I want to learn? 37? 51? 1,479?

So while I’m working this month to capture 2011 in my reports, I’m going to start a December Curiosity Challenge: to write an actual list of the topics I want to learn more about in 2012. This list will just be about learning ideas for work–the personal interest list is another long one, and I’m keeping it separate!

I’ll work on it all during December (I’m at 21 things so far) and in January I’ll take a good look at it and make a point to find the time to dig in to one or two of the ideas.

So how about you? How long is YOUR list?

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4 Responses to Curiosity Challenge

  1. Andrea says:

    I love making these kinds of lists as well. The listmaking occupies more of my time than I spend working on the items on the list, but it still feels worthwhile. It’s always really interesting to see what I’ve accomplished and especially interesting to figure out why (beyond just lack of time) the uncompleted items didn’t get crossed off.

  2. Melissa says:

    Yes! It’s fascinating to see how your goals change–sometimes things don’t get accomplished, not because you’re being lame or busy, but because you genuinely are in a different place with different needs than when you put that item on your list. Being deliberate about the listmaking also helps me kind of “keep my feelers up” while I’m surfing and talking. I’m more apt to notice when something I come across might be relevant or interesting to a project I’m working on or thinking about. I’d love to see your list! I bet it’s a good one!

  3. Erin says:

    I love this idea! I have a list of professional goals, but not a list of things that I want to learn. I think it’s important to remember that we’re always learning, even after the MLS and a few years of experience. 🙂 I’m going to get started on my list. I wonder how many I’ll have?

  4. Melissa says:

    Yay! I’d love to see your list if you feel like sharing! I’ll probably post mine on the blog in January. As I put topics on my list, I’m working to write them so they are content based and not project based, to keep my focus on really acquiring new knowledge and not busy work. Not that my projects or professional goals are superficial, but that I want to challenge myself to dig a little deeper. Good luck!

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