Flannel Friday 2nd Anniversary, Part II!

Yahoo! Welcome to the (kinda arbitrary) 2nd Anniversary of Flannel Friday! Last year in January I celebrated the anniversary of my first-ever Flannel Friday post–this year I wanted us to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the first-ever Round Up.

You can check back to see some stats from last year–our number of Pinterest followers 15 months ago seems especially quaint.

2013 Celebrations

We’re doing a 2-part party this month–last week you guys were so eloquent discussion the impact the Flannel Friday community has had in your lives. This week we’re going to take a peek at where some of us are on the map! Mollie, Amy, and Anne have been working behind the scenes to create a snapshot of what parts of the US–and the world!–we represent.

The New Flannel Friday MAP!

Head over to Amy’s place to check out the Great FF Map Unveiling! If you’re not on the map and you’d like to be (you can choose to add yourself in your hometown, or in your state’s or country’s capitol) just let Amy know. The more the merrier!

New FF Buttons

Sharon had the fun idea to have an anniversary button with two little birthday candles on it. My husband helped me tweak our logo to make that happen! Fortunately he works for chocolate chip cookies. I also took the opportunity to have him give our old logo a little facelift, and Photoshop in a cleaner, whiter background, so you can also refresh your current button if you’d like. The jpg for the refreshed image is available to you to use if you would like to create handouts or graphics for presentations about Flannel Friday. The jpg is uploaded to the Flannel Friday Facebook page. If you aren’t on Facebook and would like the image, just let me know & I can get it to you.


The Round Up

Check back over the course of the day at the Round Up Post, as I will be adding in the links when I can. You can leave your links in the comments over there. I’ve got a busy day at work, so most of this will probably have to happen towards the evening. Thanks for your patience!

And many, many thanks for hanging out with us at Flannel Friday.

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3 Responses to Flannel Friday 2nd Anniversary, Part II!

  1. Anne says:

    Logo looks great! Nice work.

  2. sharon says:

    I do love the button. I can’t take any credit for it, though, you did the hard work. Thanks again, Miss Mel, for all your hard work. You are an invisible mentor!!

  3. Amanda says:

    Hi, I love looking at your site for ideas! I’m in the market for a new flannel board for storytime and was wondering if you or anyone reading has any suggestions for ones that are in easel form with two sides. We have one from gaylord (blue metal), but it’s heavy and the flannel doesn’t stick.

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