Flannel Friday Round Up March 15

Happy Anniversary Flannel Friday!

The 2nd half of our anniversary celebrations is over here!

The Round Up is (finally) right here! Holy cow, people. This round up required MULTIPLE GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. Thank you to everyone who posts, reads, and/or spreads the word about Flannel Friday. We have had a super two years and are set to keep on rolling! You are even more awesome than Girl Scout Cookies.

Here is our NINETY-SEVENTH Round Up. Anyone up for another celebration when we hit 100? 🙂

Anna at Future Librarian Superhero found an incredible felt version of Hi, Pizza Man! in the files at her new(ish) job and knew she had to show it off. Someone had patience, talent, and flair to put these together!

Anne at So Tomorrow continues to rock the shadow puppets with The Dog and His Bone! She says this was a good story to use when you are just getting started with this technique

Cate at Storytiming puts a lovely new spin on Flannel Friday with a video of her signing a song for her toddler storytimes. Song For You is simple and sweet, and it was a perfect lullaby as I worked on this round up Friday night!

Dorothy at The Wielded Pen is back with a flannelboard tribute to Kevin Henkes’ Old Bear. Go look and see how many individual pieces they created to make sure the kids had lots to play with!

Jen in the Library has a rhyme and some birthday candles for us to blow out and is getting me hungry for cake. Hmmm, cake…

K at Storytime ABCs shares a special celebration song! She says it makes her think of Flannel Friday and smile!

Kathryn at Fun with Friends at Storytime shares what is now my all-time favorite version of Five Little Peas. *swoons a little at the googly eyes* She has a lot of good ideas for a healthy foods theme too!

Storytime Katie is saying a big thank you to Flannel Friday with a flannel for Raffi’s Thanks a Lot. She reports her storytime kids loved playing with the pieces!

Kendra has a fun way to get all the families involved in There’s a Spider on the Floor. I would have to be very brave to deal with all the spiders in the audience though! Maybe it will be a stretch goal of mine for 2014…

Kristine at Dewey or Don’t We joins us with her second post on her very own blog, hooray! She has a wonderful Big Green Monster that only eats green things…or does he? Check out her other ideas for a green storytime!

Linda at Notes from the Story Room wrote her own rhyming clues for a birthday guessing game in honor of our birthday!

Lisa at Libraryland had just about the same brainstorm as Linda! She has a Four Pretty Presents counting rhyme with nice bright packages and pretty bows.

Lisa at Thrive After Three takes us back to the basics for our celebration with a detailed post on how she makes her felt sets! I love the crowd-control techniques that she incorporates; very smart.

LQ at Loons and Quines at LibraryTime delivers a special birthday cake and a little song. She sings this song whenever one of her group has a birthday! What a wonderful way to make a child feel special and happy about the library.

Miss Mary Liberry also gets the kids talking with her rhyming pairs: first she asks the kids to describe what they see in her images, then she points out they are using rhyming words! Sneaky AND fun!

Mollie at What Happens in Storytime shares Two Little Bluebirds…but she snuck in some red birds, too, I notice! She also links to a new-to-me clip art source, always a good find!

Monica at Ram Sam Storytime adapts a little-too-long Liberian folktale with some AMAZING body parts shapes. (No zombies, she promises.)

Sharon takes a ride in the wayback machine to the very first Flannel Friday post she wrote for Rain Makes Applesauce. It just so happened to be a part of the very first Flannel Friday Round Up! Here it is, dusted off: The Magic Envelope!

Tara celebrates two holidays at once, the FF anniversary AND St Patrick’s Day, with I Know an Old Lady who Swallowed a Clover. I am really loving on the wild hair on that old lady!

Tracey at 1234 More Storytimes shares Horse and Hat, Fish and Flower, a phonological awareness matching activity inspired by Penguin and Pinecone. You could use almost any book as a starting point for a game like this! Make sure you stick around to the end of Tracey’s post so you don’t miss her (typed) birthday serenade to Flannel Friday!

Shhh! I am sneaking my own entry in past the deadline! I made 5 Bears to use with a song.

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