Flannel Friday Holiday Extravaganza Placeholder!

Here we go!

I get to host the FF Holiday Extravaganza!

Leave a message in the comments with your link & I will gather them and add them to the Round Up tomorrow; I won’t publish the comments but I will see your entries.

Just for fun this week we are celebrating the holidays, so I’m looking forward to seeing some festive posts. Obviously we don’t all take the same approach to acknowledging or incorporating holidaysor not–into our library storytimes and programming.

So just as with any of our themed Flannel Friday weeks in the past, if you have a holiday-related Flannel Friday post, awesome! If you have a seasonal wintery (or summery–hi Southern Hemisphere!) post, super! If you have a regular anything goes Flannel Friday post, excellent!

Thanks in advance! Check back tomorrow!

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  1. Kate McKnight from Felt Board Magic has just released her second book: Celebrate Christmas on the Felt Board

    This eBook includes patterns for 10 Christmas Songs, Counting Rhymes and Games including:

    Santa had a Christmas Tree
    Five Little Reindeer
    Rudolph, Rudolph – a colour recognition game
    Reindeer Cookies
    Five Little Gingerbread Men
    Five Little Christmas Trees
    Five Little Bells
    Five Little Stockings
    Christmas Bells


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