Informal Storytime Workload Survey

The other day on Twitter I asked:

I had a wonderful set of answers! A very rough average [ed: oops, wrong math term] mode was 2-3 per staff member, but the range went from 2 all the way up to 15! Per week! Lisa and I got to chatting about how, as a manager, she wanted to know what was a reasonable number of programs to set as expectations for her staff, but that the data as to professional norms just wasn’t available. She said,

So we thought we’d toss up a really informal survey to see if we could get her some responses before she went to the conference. This is where you come in! If you present storytimes at your library, please take this survey. It’s just seven questions, quick pull-down or multiple choice responses, with one optional “tell us what you want” comment area at the end. If you responded to my survey on Twitter, please take a minute to put your answers here too. This is a really limited tool so we aren’t asking for service area, geographic region, size of library, etc, because we can’t manipulate the data too much. If you are a library student looking for a research project, please take this idea and run with it!

Thanks all!

Informal Storytime Workload Survey

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3 Responses to Informal Storytime Workload Survey

  1. Elaine says:

    I am responsible for 4 story times per week. Two for pre-schoolers, ages 2-3 and Two for infants. I only get 13 hours per week, so it can be a challenge!

  2. Inma Leonard says:

    I started with just 2 story times- babies & Tots for 6 weeks. Over the course of a year I have increased them to 4 a week- 1 babies, 1 crawlers (in between babies-to tots), 2 tots over 12 weeks in the fall, 10 in the winter, and 6 in the spring. I added the crawler class because our baby group was to large and had a wide range of ages. I wanted to do more than 6 weeks because we had momentum going and it helped with routines & expectations. I also added a monthly Saturday family story time. I went from 22 hours to 29-30 a week, but my responsibilities also increased with collection development.

  3. Randi says:

    I do 8 storytimes twice a month. One at our library (ages 0-5), 5 at local preschools (ages 3-5), and two at a local daycare (ages 1-5).

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