It’s Not May…

…it’s Mayhem.

At least, that’s what we say at my house when we get to the end of the school year!

And here I am, not posting again.

This time it’s the fault of the spring and summer schedule: my first time arranging the new team to cover a significant portion of our summer reading program school visits, most of the end-of-the-year preschool library field trips, plus creating a weekly summer schedule that accommodates a series of new Saturday storytime programs in June, July, and August, while providing assistance for four major SRP events. And desk support. And vacations. And a maternity leave. And about 60 storytimes a week.

I’ll get back to Mel’s Desk, but have to be realistic and say that I don’t know when…it may not be until after Annual.

So many thanks for your patience.

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