Thank You to Future Librarian Superhero!

Last fall 5 children’s library bloggers generously donated their time and blogs to help promote the new Bell Awards by talking about books they liked for each of the five Bell Award categories. This week I’m finally posting my belated thanks. Each day I will highlight one of the great blogs from the tour, link to what they wrote for the tour, as well as some posts I like from each blog.


Anna at Future Librarian Superhero wrote the last post for the blog tour, for PLAY.

Anna has worked at both large urban and small rural libraries, and I think this has given her the ability to think critically about a broad spectrum of issues–she sees that youth services includes storytime/programming/collection development, of course, but also how we organize our children’s spaces and how children interact with the library outside of those children’s spaces.

I especially appreciate that Anna shares her individual approaches to youth services practice: it’s so helpful for us to hear that there is not just one way to do this work, and to see that finding what works for us will take trial and error…whether we are learning how to sing in storytime or to develop a workable process for program planning.

Thank you, Anna!

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