Thank You to the Show Me Librarian!

Last fall 5 children’s library bloggers generously donated their time and blogs to help promote the new Bell Awards by talking about books they liked for each of the five Bell Award categories. I was in the middle of my blog sabbatical (a sabbatical I needed in part because of my work on the awards) and couldn’t give them the shout-outs they deserved at the time. But ta-dah! This week I’m finally posting my belated thanks. Each day I will highlight one of the great blogs from the tour, link to what they wrote for the tour, as well as some posts I like from each blog.

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Today’s spotlight is on Amy at Show Me Librarian, who came up with the idea and volunteered her time to coordinate the tour.

She took the first post of the week and discussed books for the writing category.

She’s carving out a name for herself as a top-shelf advocate for STEM/STEAM programming and resources in libraries.

But I also appreciated her recent post on her storytime goals for the coming year, which reminded me that EVERYONE, no matter how much or little experience we have, can benefit from spending some time clarifying storytime objectives, whether it’s personal goals such as Amy’s or department, library, or district goals.

Amy shares plenty of write-ups about her programs and storytimes, but I especially love her more philosophical posts, such as this one about respecting what readers bring to the reading experience: “On Giving Readers Credit.”

Thank you, Amy!

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