Time to Update the Storytime Resources!

I just got an email from someone asking for me to include their storytime blog on my Storytime Resources page–and as I did so I realized it has been a whopping 18 months since I last updated the list of storytime blogs here at Mel’s Desk. Yikes!

The list has grown ENORMOUSLY since I started this blog. How exciting is that? There are even more voices sharing, thinking, helping, and learning about storytime together. I would love to point to as many of them as possible. I link to storytime blogs two ways: in a list of links, and also through a Google Custom Search, both on my Storytime Resources page. The Custom Search allows you to look for storytime ideas ONLY in the blogs listed, and not on the entire web. Sometimes that can be helpful, sometimes it’s not really necessary, but it’s nice to have an option.

Please check out the list and search! If I don’t have your storytime blog, site, or wiki listed and you’d like to be included, just let me know in the comments here. If you notice I have an old or bad link to your blog, make sure I know that too! Also feel free to share if you don’t have a blog but I’ve overlooked your favorite resources.


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7 Responses to Time to Update the Storytime Resources!

  1. Jennifer says:

    I still post regular book reviews and weekly Life in the Library spots at Jean Little Library, but I have migrated all my storytime and other programming to a separate blog, http://inshortbusy.blogspot.com/ which is basically program plans. Feel free to add, substitute, or whatever.

  2. Here’s mine if you’re feeling saucy: http://missmichelleatmpl.blogspot.com.

    Thanks for the great resource!


  3. Amy Schaub says:

    Hi Mel-
    I started blogging my own programs a few months ago after being totally inspired by all the great storytime ideas i was finding on flannel friday and other blogs. if you could list my blog, i’d really appreciate it!
    PS I love Mel’s Desk & find so many amazing ideas here – thank you!!!!!
    – Amy

  4. Rick says:

    Hi Mel,

    Here are some good Song & Rhyme Video sites (I put mine first):
    Fingerplay Fun Rhymes (Washington County Cooperative Library Services): http://www.wccls.org/rhymes
    Diversión con juegos de manos (WCCLS): http://www.wccls.org/rimas
    Tell Me A Story Rhymes & Songs (King County Library System): http://wiki.kcls.org/tellmeastory/index.php/Category:Rhymes_&_Songs
    Raise A Reader Songs & Rhymes (Deschutes Public Library): http://www.deschuteslibrary.org/kids/earlylit/videos/default.aspx
    Birth to Six Fingerplays, Rhymes & Songs (Hennepin County Library): http://www.hclib.org/birthto6/fingerplays.cfm
    Storytime Station (Edmonton Public Library): http://www.epl.ca/storytimestation
    Video Library (Scottsdale Public Library): http://www.scottsdalelibrary.org/videos/video_library
    First 5 Years Song & Rhyme Videos (Brooklyn Public Library): http://www.bklynpubliclibrary.org/first-5-years/song-and-rhyme-videos-bpl-childrens-librarians

    And beyond rhyme video collections, I regularly blog a new rhyme every week for families (including shared early literacy tie-ins).. it’s called Fingerplay Fun Friday: http://kids.wccls.org/search/label/rhymes

  5. Lindsey says:

    Jbrary would love to be included on your resources page!

  6. Anna says:

    Do you not know about Teach Preschool?!? http://www.teachpreschool.org/


  7. Mel, I just learned about your blog links and would love to be included! I’m a Youth Services Librarian with 20+ years of programs which I’m gradually moving from my computer to a new blog. It has 80+ storytimes, singalongs, arts, crafts, and science programs for pre-school and school age children — many suitable for outreach — and I’m adding more all the time! The “About Me” page has a description of the types of programs listed.

    If you would like to take a look, please visit: http://carolsimonlevin.blogspot.com/. I have been indexing them, so hopefully people can find what they want. I also hope other librarians will feel free to add favorite titles, songs, or other ideas I have missed in the comments section. I have hundreds more programs that I haven’t had time to post yet, so if anyone is looking for a program on a subject that isn’t there, feel free to email me and I’ll post it if I have something.

    🙂 Carol

    Carol Simon Levin
    Somerset County Library
    Bridgewater NJ

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