Two Years In

Today is my two-year anniversary of becoming a supervisor and working with a team of storytime providers and early literacy staff at my library! Yesterday I posted this to Facebook, and I wanted to share it here too:

Thursday is my 2-year anniversary as Storytime Supervisor! This has been, hands down, the hardest two years of my career, and the sharpest learning curve–even counting my first years as a baby librarian who didn’t know anything, or the year I wound up chairing CLEL back when CLEL didn’t know anything. But my team is amazing and I feel like I’ve finally discovered a lot of the tools I need to do the job well, and also have a new opportunity to delegate some tasks that turned out not to fit on my plate.

The short story is I’m not feeling overwhelmed every day anymore, and really looking forward to the next phase, which will include more reading and thinking and writing about storytime again. Mel’s Desk is one of the things that has to fall to the bottom of the priority list when I have other responsibilities, but I always miss it, and you, and appreciate your patience with my consistently erratic post schedule.

Here’s to blue skies for all of us this summer.


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3 Responses to Two Years In

  1. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    Yay! Congrats on your two years.

  2. Rebecca says:

    So happy that you have grown throughout these past two years! Your blog seems to come up at all of my Guerrilla Storytimes – so know that you have a wonderful impact in library land and that it’s not just me speaking about my own personal enjoyment of your writing. ::high five::

  3. Melissa says:

    Thank you Rebecca! You’re the best!

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