Storytime Resources Page: Update 2

Another round of blogs newly added to the Storytime Resources page and Google Custom Search!

Lovin’ the Library
–Hannah has just a few posts up so far but she’s showing great interest in trying out different ideas for storytime, including puppets, flannels, and gross-motor activities!

Fun with Friends at Storytime
–Since joining the Flannel Friday crew last year Kathryn has been super generous at sharing a lot of flannel ideas and rhyme adaptations. I love that she recommends a lot of books along the way for her themes!

A Librarian Less Ordinary
–Fun posts from a school librarian! I think what I love most is is how often Mrs Todd links back to the bloggers and posts that inspire her–a great way to find even more blogs to follow!

What Is Bridget Reading?
–Read Bridget for her zillions of book reviews, of course, but she also has been a Flannel Friday contributor and host since our first year, so there’s lots of flannelboard ideas too! (WHY didn’t I link her a long time ago? smh)

Madly, Madam Librarian
–A new blog by a new early literacy specialist! Check out Kelly’s posts for all kinds of book reviews, baby storytime writeups, and her first Flannel Friday!

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2 Responses to Storytime Resources Page: Update 2

  1. Thanks for adding me, Mel! I know I’m in good company.

  2. And you added my storytime wiki ages ago, so as Pete the Cat says, it’s all good!

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