Storytime Resources Page: Update 3

Another round of blogs newly added to the Storytime Resources page and Google Custom Search!

Piper Loves the Library
–Another blog that should have been listed a long time ago! Jane is a Flannel Friday regular, with great ideas to share that go beyond storytime into collections, displays, programs, and more. If you need an energy boost, read this blog!

Hey There Library
–A new blog from a new children’s librarian! Nikki blogs storytimes, Flannel Friday, programs, and book reviews.

Adventures of a Bookgirl
–Nadine blogs a little about everything in her children’s & teen services job!

Destination Storytime
–Kim blogs her storytime plans and a few other types of ideas as well. Plus she started blogging for Flannel Friday this year!

Felt Board Ideas
–Christine has several blogs for Early Childhood ideas & resources; this one is all about flannelboards!

Last but NOT LEAST for today:
–Lisa has created a phenomenal early literacy resource with her blog. Check it out for early literacy based activity stations, programs, storytimes, materials, and more. Then steal all her ideas and make them happen at your library!

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2 Responses to Storytime Resources Page: Update 3

  1. Lisa Mulvenna says:

    This just made me smile that you called me a phenomenal early literacy resource. 🙂

  2. Melissa says:

    IT’S TRUE!!! Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

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